Supply Chain Management and Logistics Optimization Research Lab

Supply Chain Management and Logistics Optimization Research Lab

  • Focuses on research on operations and supply chain management, warehouse and logistics, e-business, optimization, algorithms development, and business intelligence.

  • Developed algorithms and support systems for cargo network scheduling, tools room scheduling, warehouse layout and management, production planning, optimal cyclic multiple-hoist scheduling, healthcare supply chains, and power network optimization.

  • Conducts research in dual-channel supply chain management and logistics, E-commerce, pricing and revenue management, supply chain finance, and smarter supply chain management under industry 4.0. 

  • Engages in projects with automobile, airline, energy, foods, healthcare, finance, and IT industry, and international collaborations and exchanges.

  • Develops modelling and solution approaches for green, sustainable, closed-loop supply chain management, risk management, manufacturing, and portfolio optimization.

  • Equipped with RFID equipment, optimization, and simulation software.

  • Facilitates the applications and innovation of RFID, big data, and artificial intelligence in supply chain management, logistics, and process improvement.

  • Provides analysis and improvement of all stages/aspects of supply chain management, including forecasting, multi-stage inventory, safety inventory, supplier selection and sourcing, production planning, transportation, ERP, information system, pricing, risk and resilience, and service performance. 

  • Provides modeling, algorithm design and development for linear, nonlinear, mixed integer, and stochastic optimization. 

  • Developed a software package for large-scale linear programming.

  • Developed different meta-heuristics, Lagrangian heuristics, Benders decomposition, and other advanced algorithms for optimization and data analysis.

To get involved with the Supply Chain Management and Logistics Optimization Research Lab

Contact: Dr. Guoqing Zhang
Department of Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering 
519-253-3000, Ext. 2637

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