Turbulence & Energy Lab

Turbulence & Energy Lab

  • Investigates flow turbulence at a fundamental level and aims to harness this energy into engineering advantages

  • Focuses on flow turbulence in engineering systems such as wind turbines, underwater accumulators, burners, furnaces, engines & solar panels

  • Designs energy applications with an intent to escalate conventional, current, and future energy technologies through advanced thermo-fluids analyses

  • Studies the heat recovery application in various power cycles, flow-induced vibration of flexible circular cylinder, and hydrodynamics of compressed air in underwater energy storage

  • Possesses a four cylinder double-acting Stirling engine with rated power of 1 kW at 1500 RPM and an external combustion heat engine to convert any conventional or renewable energy

  • Equipped with a high-quality closed-loop wind tunnel which can provide speeds up to 36 m/s

  • Performs wind turbine design & optimization and investigates the constructive aerodynamic interaction of a group of wind turbines

  • Conducts turbulence modeling of atmospheric wind flows and aftermath of the wind on solar photovoltaic systems

  • Examines the hydrodynamics and engineers the mitigation of accelerating and expanding buoyant vortex rings

  • Explores smart and secure commercial (greenhouse) and residential water technologies

  • Enhances the power take-off strategies for wave energy harvesting

  • Predicts tumour growth based on entropy maximization

To get involved with the Turbulence & Energy Lab

Contact: Dr. David Ting
Department of Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering 
519-253-3000, Ext. 2599

Visit turbulenceandenergylab.org for more information.