Wireless Communications and Information Processing Research Lab

Wireless Communications and Information Processing Research Lab

  • Focuses on 3 major research areas of wireless and computer networking: (1) Internet of Things (IoT),  Machine to Machine (M2M), Sensor Networks, and Ultra-Wide Band precise indoor positioning; (2) Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) communications, connected vehicles; (3) Wireless networks, mobile networks, and network security.

  • Develops real-time, reliable and energy efficient protocols for mobile and wireless networks designed for smart systems communications, smart grids, robotics and industrial networking applications.

  • Innovative and transformative research project of WiCIP are funded by NSERC, FedDeV, CFI, and Communication Research Centre of Canada as well as industrial partners.

  • Equipped with Network Analyzers, sensor network testbed, DSRC communication systems, vector signal analyzer, state-of-the-art wireless communication modules and systems.

  • Know how in network simulation with Omnet++, NS2/3, and Matlab, simulation experience with mobility models and networks. 

  • Rapid prototyping of network gateways, communication protocols, wireless communications systems up to 15 thousand nodes.  Rapid prototyping of protocol with real-time operating systems and off-the-shelf hardware and systems.

To get involved with the Wireless Communications and Information Processing Research Lab

Contact: Dr. Kemal Tepe
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 
519-253-3000, Ext. 3426