Health Equity and Social Inclusion: Interdisciplinary Research Group (HESI-IRG) is currently composed of faculty members at the School of Social Work with multiple disciplinary backgrounds (Social Work, Public Health, and Diversity Education), with multiple methodological expertise (qualitative, quantitative, and intervention etc.), and with multiple representation of social identities (gender, ethnic linguistic minority, immigration, sexual orientation, disabilities, etc.). Members have established track records of working together.

We aim to achieve the following objectives: (1) to enhance a synergic research culture within the School of Social Work; (2) to promote ongoing collaborations amongst faculty researchers within the School; (3) to develop new collaboration opportunities with researchers from other units within the University and from other universities, and with community stakeholders, and (4) to increase research training opportunities to students at all levels, BSW, MSW, and PhD. 

This research group is funded by the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences(FAHSS) Collaborative Research Group Grant.