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Vegetarian Diets

Where Can I find Vegetarian Options on Campus?


  • Subway: Offers fresh vegetables for your choice of sub or freshly made salad
  • Chef 2 U: Daily vegetarian options available, please ask your server
  • Pizza Pizza: Vegetarian pizza available daily
  • Campbell's Soup Station: Daily vegetable soups available, look for the vegetarian symbol
  • Marche Pasta: Falafel, fresh vegetables for salad and toppings. Tomato sauce and alfredo sauce offered daily. Tofu and vegetables available every day.
  • Burger Bar: Vegetarian burger or grilled cheese and a selection of veggie toppings
  • Grab and go items: Kale salad, vegetable cup, grilled vegetable sandwiches and vegetarian sushi

Crocodile Grill

  • Macaroni & cheese
  • Vegetarian burger
  • Fresh veggie wrap
  • Daily vegetarian special, please ask your server
  • 95% of our breakfast menu is vegetarian

Alumni Bru

  • Vegetarian wraps and pizzas
  • Vegetarian sandwiches
  • Vegetarian sushi
  • Daily vegetarian soup
  • Daily vegetarian grab and go items (look for the ‘made fresh to go’ labels)

Library Cafe & Toldo Bru

Offer a selection of vegetarian salads and sandwiches (look for the ‘made fresh to go’ labels)

This information is provided by Food Services and is subject to change.