Central Waterfront - Site #5

Windsor, Ontario


Project Goals and Objectives: 

Restore 550 meters of shoreline using soft shoreline engineering techniques

Project Description: 

550 meters of existing unstable and eroding shoreline was stabilized using soft shoreline techniques, including shoreline crenulation and diversity of substrate types and sizes. A 125 meter cobble beach anchored by two large rock promontories provides the centerpiece and one of the only river access locations along the upper Detroit River (Canadian side)

Project Description: 

$1.3 million




Essex Region Conservation Authority, City of Windsor, Environment Canada, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, and Ontario Ministry of Environment

Ecological Effectiveness: 

Post-project monitoring for structural stability has been undertaken. Periodic Department of Fisheries and Oceans’ monitoring and assessment activities will be undertaken in future years.

Restoration Contact: 

Essex Region Conservation Authority