U.S. Steel Great Lakes Works - Site #45

River Rouge, Michigan


Project Goals and Objectives: Restore a natural shoreline using soft engineering techniques, including removing invasive species and creating a buffer zone using native plants

Project Description: This project restored 335 linear meters (1,099 feet) of Detroit River shoreline, created wetlands that provided spawning and fingerling habitat, and created an upland buffer area to provide water quality protection. It included removing two exotic species (Phragmites and reed canary grass) and creating a buffer zone that included planting 53 native species, including butterfly weed, white false indigo, rough blazing star and cardinal flower.

Cost: $211,000

Timeframe: 2004-2005

Partners: U.S. Steel, Nativescape and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Ecological Effectiveness: No quantitative post-project assessment: only visual observation

Restoration and Monitoring contact: Nativescape LLC