Ashley Glassburn-Falzetti

Dr. Ashley Glassburn-Falzetti

Assistant Professor of Women's and Gender Studies

Ashley Glassburn Falzetti is an assistant professor of women’s and gender studies at the University of Windsor in Ontario and holds a PhD in women’s and gender studies from Rutgers University (2014).  She serves as a co-chair of the Indigenous Peoples caucus of the National Women's Studies Association and actively participates in the Gender, Women, and Feminist PhD working group.  Her most recent article, “What Makes a Feminist Interdisciplinary Scholar? Preparing for the Unknown,” is currently available in a special issue of Feminist Studies on “Doctoral Degrees in W/G/F/S Studies: taking stock” (44.2, 2018.)

Her book manuscript “Settling the Past: Epistemic Violence and the Making of Indigenous Subjectivities” draws on Miami historical narratives and contemporary political projects to explore the dynamics of race, land, and historical evidence in constituting Indigenous subjectivities.  Her research appears in scholarly journals such as Biography (2016) and Settler Colonial Studies (2015).  The Woodrow Wilson Foundation named her a 2017 Nancy Weiss Malkiel scholar for her dedication to working toward racial justice as junior faculty.  She is a member of the Miami Nation of Indiana and serves on the language committee designing Myaamia language programing and research support for the tribe.  Her language revitalization work emphasizes models for teaching Algonquian Grammar, which open up possibilities for developing multi-lingual Algonquian language programming. 


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