Dr. Vicky Paraschak


E-mail: parasch@uwindsor.caDr. Vicky Paraschak
Phone : (519) 253 - 3000 ext: 2445
Office: H.K. Building Room 112

Sport Management

B.P.E. (McMaster University)
M.H.K. (University of Windsor)
Ph.D. (University of Alberta)


Dr. Vicky Paraschak has been a faculty member in Kinesiology since 1984. During this time, she has taught undergraduate courses primarily in Sociology of Sport, Government and Sport, Outdoor Recreation, Urban Outdoor Recreation and Social Construction of Leisure. At the graduate level she teaches Social Issues in Sport Management. Her research focuses on Aboriginal peoples and sport, and she has facilitated several workshops using a strengths perspective to help improve conditions for Aboriginal sport in Canada. She also has worked with the NWT government’s Sport and Recreation Division as a policy officer, and as a consultant facilitating various Directions Conferences. She completed a project linked to the 2007 Canada Winter Games in Whitehorse Yukon examining conflicting approaches towards public versus athlete health concerns, and created a program wherein Kinesiology students served as mentors working with “at risk” students of promise in Windsor high schools, using the outdoors to enhance their success in school and life. Currently her focus is on efforts to enhance reconciliation with Indigenous peoples in Canada specifically in the area of physical activity, in keeping with the five relevant calls to action found in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission summary report. One such project was ensuring that public knowledge about the accomplishments of elite Indigenous athletes was enhanced (call to action #87). Over 190 entries are now publicly accessible on Wikipedia, organized into three categories: First Nations sportspeople, Métis sportspeople and Canadian Inuit sportspeople. She also has worked with others to create the website https://indigenoussporthistory.ca/ 

Areas of Research Interest

Aboriginal peoples and their physical cultural practices
Marginalized peoples, power relations and sport
Canadian government policy in sport and recreation
At risk youth and outdoor education
Aboriginal peoples, sport and reconciliation

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