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Pascale Chapdelaine, Copyright User Rights, Contracts and the Erosion of Property (Oxford University Press, 2017)

Selected Publications (Peer-Reviewed, Law Review Publications, Book Chapters)

Pascale Chapdelaine, “Algorithmic Personalized Pricing: A Personal Data Protection and Consumer Law Perspective” (2024) 102:1 Canadian Bar Review 1:

Pascale Chapdelaine, “Algorithmic Personalized Pricing and the Limits of Anti-Discrimination Law” (2024) 68 McGill L.J. (forthcoming).

Pascale Chapdelaine, “The (Il)legality of Algorithmic Personalized Pricing: a Canadian Perspective” in Cambridge Handbook on Personalized Pricing (2023) (forthcoming).

Pascale Chapdelaine & Jacqueline McLeod Rogers, "Contested Sovereignties: States, Media Platforms, Peoples, and the Regulation of Media Content and Big Data in the Networked Society" (2021) 10 (3) LAWS 66: .  

Pascale Chapdelaine, "Algorithmic Personalized Pricing", (2020) 17 NYU Journal of Law & Business 1

Pascale Chapdelaine, “Graffiti, Street Art, Walls, and the Public in Canadian Copyright Law”, in Enrico Bonadio, ed., The Cambridge Handbook of Copyright in Street Art and Graffiti (Cambridge University Press, 2019):

Pascale Chapdelaine, "Copyright User Rights and Remedies: an Access to Justice Perspective" (2018) 7 LAWS 1-26:

Pascale Chapdelaine,  "Digital Locks, Physical Objects, and Immaterial Works" (Copyright User Rights, Contracts an the Erosion of Property, OUP 2017)   

Pascale Chapdelaine, “The Undue Reliance on Physical Objects in the Regulation of Information Products”  (2015) 20 Journal of Technology Law & Policy, 65-120:

Pascale Chapdelaine, “The Property Attributes of Copyright” (2014) 10 Buffalo Intellectual Property Law Journal 34-69:

Pascale Chapdelaine, “The Ambiguous Nature of Copyright Users’ Rights” (2013) 26 Intellectual Property Journal 1-45

Pascale Chapdelaine, “Living in the Shadow of the Intangible, the Nature of the Copy of a Copyrighted Work” Part Two (2011) 23 Intellectual Property Journal 205-242

Pascale Chapdelaine, “Living in the Shadow of the Intangible, the Nature of the Copy of a Copyrighted Work” Part One (2010) 23 Intellectual Property Journal 83-103 .

Pascale Chapdelaine, “The Nature and Justifications of Consumers’ Ownership Rights in Copies of Copyrighted Works” (2010) 26 Canadian Intellectual Property Review 349-386 (published as a winning paper of the 2010 Canada’s IP Writing Challenge).

Pascale Chapdelaine, "The temporal application of the New York Arbitration Convention of 1958: Retroactivity or Immediate application" (1992) 8 Arbitration International 73-81.

Reports, Book Reviews, and Other Selected Publications

Pascale Chapdelaine, “Online platforms challenge personal data protection and Canada’s cultural sovereignty” Policy Options, July 20, 2022

Pascale Chapdelaine, “Les géants du Web menacent la protection des données personnelles et la souveraineté culturelle du Canada”, Options Politiques, 20 juillet, 2022

Pascale Chapdelaine et al.,  "A Modern Copyright Framework for the Internet of Things (IoT): Intellectual Property Scholars' Joint Submission to the Canadian Government Consultation (September 26, 2021). Available at SSRN:

Pascale Chapdelaine & Vincent Manzerolle, "The Regulation of Media and Communications in the Borderless Networked Society" Laws 202110(4), 78;

Pascale Chapdelaine, “Fair Dealing for the Purpose of Education: York University v The Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency”, CanLII Connects (April 9, 2021), available at SSRN

Pascale Chapdelaine, Book Review: Daniela Simone, Copyright and Collective Authorship – Locating the Authors of Collaborative Work (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019), (2020) 32 IPJ 203:

Pascale Chapdelaine, Myra Tawfik et al, “Brief to Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology, Statutory Review of the Copyright Act, (Part One)” 22 October 2018,

Myra Tawfik, Pascale Chapdelaine, et al, “Brief to Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology, Statutory Review of the Copyright Act, (Part Two)” 22 October 2018. 

Pascale Chapdelaine, "Copyright User Rights and Access to Justice" (2018) 35 Windsor Y B Access Just 1-10 (Introduction Special Section of WYAJ on Symposium Copyright User Rights and Access to Justice, hosted by Faculty of Law, University of Windsor on May 18-19, 2017)      

Pascale Chapdelaine, Book Review: Boilerplate The Fine Print, Vanishing Rights, and the Rule of Law by Margaret Jane Radin, (2015) 65 University of Toronto Law Journal, 136-142 .

Pascale Chapdelaine, “The Regulation of In-House Counsel: Opening the Pandora’s Box of Professional Independence”, May 2011,   available at SSRN:

Pascale Chapdelaine, “Consumers’ Rights in Copyrighted Works: A Play Back for Balance on Bill C-32 (brief submitted to the Federal Legislative Committee on Bill C-32 on the reform of the Copyright Act) February 9, 2011, available online at:

Pascale Chapdelaine, “Tuning in to the Consumer of Digital Music” (2009) 13 The Copyright & New Media Law newsletter 7.

Expert testimony, Op Ed pieces, Blog posts, Recent Media Interviews

Interview, Radio-Canada Windsor, "Les implications de la propriété intellectuelle et le droit à la réparation” 10 April 2023, online:

Interview, CBC, Lauren Toffen, "Windsor law prof, politics podcaster want more clarity on Bill C-10 — including CRTC's role", 6 July 2021, online: 

Interview,, émission Ça parle au nord, “Chercheurs ontariens: Pascale Chapdelaine et la propriété intellectuelle” 8 April 2019, online :

Interview, Taylor Campbell, Windsor Star, “More regulations needed to protect personal data online, university panel says” 6 February 2019, online:

P. Chapdelaine, Evidence of meeting #142 for Industry, Science and Technology in the 42nd Parliament, 1st Session, Statutory Review of Copyright Act, 5 December 2018,, online:

P. Chapdelaine & M. Tawfik, “Five critical components of a balanced, modern Canadian copyright system”, Opinion, Globe and Mail, 5 December 2018, online:

Pascale Chapdelaine, "Outdoor Legal Education: An Afternoon at the Museum with Wafaa Bilal", September 14, 2017, Windsor Law LTEC Lab:

Pascale Chapdelaine, "Technological Neutrality: Tension and Limitations", October 16, 2016, Windsor Law LTEC Lab:   

Pascale Chapdelaine, “Is the dress blue & black or white & gold? Students creating and moderating hypothetical fact pattern scenarios in the classroom”  May 4, 2015, Blog of the Canadian Association of Law Teachers (CALT):

Pascale Chapdelaine, “What is Mine is not Yours and What is Yours is in Fact Mine, Copyright, Consumers and First Sale” The IPIGRAM, November 30, 2010:

Pascale Chapdelaine, “The reasonable expectation of the consumer in her personal use of musical recordings: how much weight does it have in the balance?” The IPIGRAM, April 30, 2009: