Reem A Bahdi, Associate Dean


  • "Before The Law: Creeping Lawlessness in Canadian Anti-Terrorism Law and Policy" in Security and Everyday Life, Editor(s) Willem de Lindt and Vida Bajc (Routledge, forthcoming)
  • "Interpreting Virtue: The World Wide Rule of International Texts" Michigan Journal of International Law (2002)
  • "Litigating Social and Economic Rights in Canada in Light of International Human Rights Law: What Difference Can It Make?" 14(1) Canadian Journal of Women and the Law, 158-184 (2002)

Book Reviews

  • Review of Hans Van Sponeck, A Different Kind of War: The UN Sanctions Against Iraq, Reviewed in The Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice (2008)
  • Review of Louise Arbour, War Crimes and the Culture of Peace, International Journal (2006)
  • Review of Anne F. Bayefsky and Joan Fitzpatrick Human Rights and Forced Displacement Reviewed in Refuge: Canada's Periodical on Refugees (2002)

Works in Progress

  • The Sounds of Silence: Racial Profiling and National Security Post-Arar (completed)
  • Haj Khalil v. Canada: Tort Law Meets Administrative Law (completed)
  • Reconceiving Women's Access to Justice in the Middle East through Human Dignity (in progress)
  • So You Want To Be A Special Advocate Post-Charkaoui? What You Need to Know About Social Context and Why You Need To Know It (in progress)
  • Human Dignity as a (Hermeneutic) General Principle of International Law (in progress)
  • What Does Human Dignity Mean In The Palestinian Context? (in progress)
  • Towards a Judicial Impact Theory For Palestine: The Case of the Palestinian Judiciary (in progress)
  • International Law as Satire: A Modest Proposal and the National Child Benefit (in progress)
  • "Rights of Palestinian Children To Mental Health Rehabilitation Under The Convention on the Rights of the Child: Corrective Justice and International Law" (in progress)
  • Canadian Tort Law and Anti-Terrorism's Torture (in progress)

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