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Correct Usage

To successfully reinforce a consistent brand, it is important that the University of Windsor logo is presented accurately when used.

Under no circumstances should any component of the logo ever be redrawn, modified or altered in any way.

Reproduction of the logo must always be completed using the approved electronic file art provided by Public Affairs and Communications.

Examples of unacceptable use

Logo with the wrong colour

The colour of the logo or shield, or parts thereof, should never be changed beyond what is outlined in Alternate Versions.

Logo with incorrect border
The logo should not appear within frames or borders.

Logo below minimum size

Minimum Size
The logo should never appear at a size where the total height of the shield is less than .5" (see Size and Spacing).

Logo with an incorrect screen

The logo should not appear with any screens over it or with any reduced transparency.

Logo with incorrect proportions

Size Relationship
The size relationship between logo should remain constant. If any one element changes all should change proportionately.

Logo with incorrect drop shadow

Drop Shadows
The logo should not appear with drop shadows or inner or outer glows.

Logo incorrectly rotated

Axis of the logo
The axis of the logo should never be skewed.

Logo with shield incorrectly rotated

Axis of the shield
The axis of the symbol should never be skewed.

Logo incorrectly scaled

Horizontal and vertical scale
The horizontal and vertical scale should always change equally. Never stretch or condense the logo.

Logo with incorrect shield position

Position of the shield
The position of the shield should never be altered from what is outlined in Alternate Versions.

Logo with incorrect stroke

Outlining logo
Never create an outline around the logo. Contrast issues should be solved using other logo versions.

Logo incorrectly over-printed

Over printing
To ensure clarity when printing on an image the logo should always be reversed on a dark or busy background. If the image is of low contrast or light tone, the logo should appear in all black.

Logo with incorrect protective spacing

Protective space
The logo should not appear without the minimum protective space around it as outlined in Size and Spacing.

Logo with incorrect contrast

Do not position the logo on backgrounds with insufficient contrast. Use a logo variation that contrasts well with the background colour.

Logo incorrectly placed in a white box

White box
The logo should never appear in a white box on a colour field or image area.

Faculty logo without UWindsor text

Institutional hierarchy
The institutional versions of the logo should never appear without the University of Windsor wordmark.