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Course Descriptions

The MSWwp has two tracks:

  1. Regular Track for those who have a four-year honours degree
  2. Advanced Standing Track for those who have a BSW. 

Students who complete the online Regular Track program complete both the Foundation Curriculum and the Advanced Curriculum, for a total of 19 courses. In the online Advanced Standing students complete only the Advanced Curriculum, for a total of 9 courses.

Foundation Curriculum 

SWRK 8503 Comprehensive Social Policy Analysis
SWRK 8504 Communication Skills in Social Work Practice
SWRK 8531 Social Work Practice with Individuals
SWRK 8532 Social Work Practice with Groups
SWRK 8533 Social Work Practice with Families
SWRK 8534 Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities
SWRK 8550 Social Work Values, Ethics & Anti-Oppressive Practice
SWRK 8570 Field Integration Seminar
SWRK 8571 Master of Social Work Foundation Year Practicum

Advanced Curriculum

SWRK 8523 Challenges in Human Behaviour
SWRK 8547 Advanced Social Work Research: Practice Evaluation
SWRK 8610 Advanced Direct Social Work Practice
SWRK 8611 Advanced Indirect Social Work Practice
SWRK 8621 Social Justice and Social Change
SWRK 8622 Advanced Social Policy Analysis and Development
SWRK 8640 Program Design and Evaluation
SWRK 8680 Internship Seminar
SWRK 8681 Advanced Practice Internship

To view full course descriptions, visit the online Graduate Calendar.