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Admission Requirements and Available Intakes

This is an Online Synchronous program, therefore students are expected to attend all classes and be available during class times. All applicants must refer to the program schedule available online to ensure that they can attend orientation (which spans 2 weeks in August or December) and classes. The School of Social Work may offer the possibility of in-person contact for orientation or other events for Fall 2023 cohorts and beyond.

Ready to Apply? Please see "How to Apply" for more information.

Cohorts Available -

Advanced Track- You may be eligible for the Advanced Standing online program if you hold a BSW from an accredited university 

Regular Track- You may be eligible for the Regular Track online program if you hold a four-year honours undergraduate degree from an accredited university (other than a BSW)

Available Intakes - 

Advanced -

  •  Winter 2023 Peel location (16 Months) Online - The deadline to submit a complete application package (including all references) is September 1, 2022.

  • Fall 2023 Windsor & Peel locations (16 Months) Online - The application portal will open in September 2022

​Regular - 

  • Fall 2023 Windsor & Peel locations (32 Months) Online - The application portal will open in September 2022

Admission Requirements

*Although the program is online, all practicum placements must be completed in Ontario*

* The School of Social Work reviews applications with a holistic approach*

Possession of the minimum requirements does not ensure admission. The actual admitting average varies and can be competitive depending on the program. It is important to note that lack of Faculty resources due to program over-capacity or similar reasons could also result in rejection and is not related to the merit of the student applying. 

Ready to Apply? Please see "How to Apply" for more information.

4-year Honours degree or equivalent

  • Advanced Track requires completion of an accredited Bachelor of Social Work degree
  • Regular Track accepts a variety of disciplines from an accredited academic institution

Maintained an average of 73% / B or greater in the last two years of your qualifying degree

This is a competitive program and preference is granted to those who possess:

  • Minimum of 2500 hours of paid/volunteer/practicum experience in a helping profession or social service setting
  • Those who are currently employed in a helping profession/social service agency
  • *Only list relevant work experience to helping profession/social service setting. Irrelevant work experience determined by the Academic Review Committee will not be counted towards the hour requirement
  • You must complete one statistics AND one research methods course before the program starts
  • Open our list of pre-approved statistics and research methods courses
  • If you do not see your course included on this list, please obtain the syllabus and send it to to be evaluated. It is strongly recommended that you do this before applying to the program
  • Missing statistics- UWindsor is now offering an online Statistics Course (SWRK 2000 Statistics for Social Workers) - please send an email to to receive up-to-date information on the next intake. *Must have a passing grade of 60% or above in SWRK 2000 to be admitted into the MSWwp Progra

3 Letters of Reference are required

  1. Current Supervisor - from your current employment
  2. Helping Profession - helping professional could be someone from several different professions, including social work, medicine, nursing, another allied health provider, a teacher, a volunteer supervisor, someone you sit on a board with, etc. It can be anyone that works in the capacity of helping others but is not your direct supervisor, a friend, family member, or subordinate. Please refer to our posted guidelines for your referees, as this lists the points that we want your references to speak to. Choose your references based on who can speak to each point in the most detail.
  3. Academic Reference OR Additional Supervisor - if you have graduated from your qualifying degree within the last 5 years of your application, it is expected for you to have an academic reference; those who have been out of school for more than 5 years can submit an Academic or an Additional Supervisor

UWindsor Statistics Course (SWRK 2000 Statistics for Social Workers) 

  •  Must have a passing grade of 60% or above in the course to be admitted into the MSWwp Program.
  • Contact: for more information. 

International Students:  Applicants applying to the MSWwp Program will require proof of Canadian Citizenship or permanent residency as defined by the Immigration Act (Canada) or eligibility for employment in Canada.

Additional questions? Please contact our office at