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Audition Requirements by Instrument

University Wind Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Nicholas PapadorUniversity Wind Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Nicholas Papador


An audition is required for students wishing admission into the Bachelor of Music program whether they wish to focus on classical performance or jazz performance, as outlined below. NOTE: Admission is based on the successful completion of the audition process, and academic acceptance to the University of Windsor. The audition includes:

Music Auditions


SoCA Music will be partaking in live auditions in 2024. We will also be accepting video auditions based on the guidelines posted below.  

The audition panel, made up of full time faculty, will meet to review the submissions and then make decisions based on any videos submitted. 

If you have questions regarding the audition process, please reach out to us either via email at or by telephone at 519-253-3000; x2829.

Mock Audition Information

Audrey Schumacher and the flute section, University Wind EnsembleAudrey Schumacher and the flute section, University Wind Ensemble

Your audition is the first step toward success in any University music program. Audition Workshops will now take place in collaboration with our University Open house. 

The Audition Workshop dates for 2023/24 are Saturday, October 28th, 2023 and January 20, 2024. Workshop Registration is now closed for 2024. Please visit our Audition page if you would like to register for an audition.

At the Audition Workshop, you will: