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Undergraduate Programs at SoCA Music


Bachelor of Music (Honours)

  • Two streams: Music - Comprehensive; Music Education
  • An excellent launching pad for a career in any aspect of music
  • A full-time program offering intensive, professional training with applied study in classical or jazz/pop disciplines
  • Provides the opportunity to hone your musical skills through private instruction on a principal instrument (including voice), ensemble participation and courses to improve listening, sight singing and dictation
  • Offers exposure to a diversity of music from traditional Western art music to jazz, pop, electroacoustic and world music
  • Focuses on specialized study in music education, performance, history, composition and conducting
  • Study music theory, history, sight singing, ear training and performance on your major instrument
  • Requires an entrance audition on your major instrument for acceptance into program
  • Allows for course work outside music

Career Paths

  • Education (with additional studies)
  • Performance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Composition
  • Conducting
  • Music criticism
  • Arts administration
  • Music technology
  • Graduate studies in music or music therapy

Bachelor of Arts in Music (Honours)

  • Designed for those interested in exploring music and its role in social and cultural life
  • Challenges you to be a creative and reflective musician and prepares you for careers in the rapidly evolving music industry
  • Also for students who wish to pursue advanced applied musical study outside the western classical tradition— compositions in different styles, contemporary music-making, electronica, music technology and multimedia
  • Focused on academic study and the development of creative and critical-thinking skills
  • Includes direct admission without an entrance audition
  • First year includes music theory and history, sight singing and ear training. With an audition you may take a performance course, join an ensemble or Diverse Musics and Practices
  • Allows for work outside music

Career Paths

  • Careers and graduate studies in musicology and composition
  • Sound design, recording and media arts
  • Music industry, criticism or technology
  • Arts administration
  • Preparation for law, medicine, or other fields that value creative thinking

Bachelor of Arts Combined Major

  • For those who want to study music and another subject, consider our Bachelor of Arts Combined Major—a four-year honours degree that allows you to take two majors in one program. Permission from both Music and the other area of study is required to take this program.
  • Our program allows for equal concentrations of musical training and a broad variety of other disciplines. You may couple your music courses with such areas as psychology, French, English, history, communication media and film and mathematics. It allows for careers and graduate studies in a wide variety of fields.
  • Our program also allows you to pursue advanced contemporary music making, music technology, composition and performance skills. Composers and researchers with distinguished international reputations teach academic courses.
  • There are many possibilities for applied music making in this degree. You may audition for ensemble courses, private lessons on your instrument or take Music Technology and New Music Workshop courses.

Career Paths

The ideal graduate will be able to take advantage of their music training in a wide variety of career paths, including, but not limited to:

  • Careers and graduate studies in musicology and composition
  • Sound design, recording and media arts
  • Music industry, criticism or technology
  • Arts administration
  • Preparation for law, medicine (with additional studies)