eAssessment Options

Whether you are teaching an online, hybrid, or traditional face-to-face course, electronic or eAssessments can help offer flexibility to your students, allow a larger range of assessment types, expedite and enhance feedback, and even allow for the automation of some tasks.


If you are new to eAssessment you will likely find this article about eAssessment pedagogy/advice very useful.  Even if you have experience delivering eAssessment, you should look at the “34 strategies for developing effective online assessment” section. The international eAssessment Association is also a good place to go for resources and ideas, and it is free to join the community.


Probably the most frequent question when it comes to online assessment is “can I just take what I do in class and put in online?” The answer depends on your discipline and your needs, as well as your creativity. A counter question to consider is, “What opportunities does online assessment offer that pen and paper assessment does not?” Often online assessment requires rethinking how you determine what students know, but it can also offer efficiencies, and creative methods that you may not have otherwise thought of.


Below are a few resources to help get you started.


This helpful comparison of face to face and online approaches provides practical suggestions on tools and approaches that have equivalents in online and on campus teaching. Use it in conjunction with our Planning for Online handout, to help you think through your current practices and how you might facilitate learning in an online setting.


This simple guide for using Bloom’s taxonomy in online environments will allow you to determine an appropriate online and blended learning activity to suit specific learning objectives within the levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.


You may also have heard about the Seven principles good practice in undergraduate education, which was later updated to address online learning. The original paper is available at: http://www.lonestar.edu/multimedia/sevenprinciples.pdf


There are a wide range of tools available both inside and outside of Blackboard to facilitate assessment, including our Examity online proctoring service for high-stakes online exams. If you want to explore what might work for you and your students, contact the Office of Open Learning to discuss your needs.