Testimonials/Feedback from PCN participants

Judy Borias lecturing in classroom

Feedback Themes:

  1. Participants were comfortable with process and feedback.
  2. Participants appreciated non-evaluative, sharing approach.
  3. Reciprocal observation approach was appreciated.
  4. Participants learned something to enhance own teaching.

“I felt completely at ease receiving feedback ... he provided valuable feedback in a non-judgmental manner, while highlighting the positive aspects of the observation along with suggestions for improvement.” - Observee

“The fact that the process isn’t about evaluation ... but about sharing teaching experiences ... reduces any anxiety that might occur considerably.” - Observer

“The focus of the PCN on the sharing of teaching experiences  [through reciprocal observation] makes receiving feedback very comfortable.” - Observee

“I have tried a number of things in my own classes that I have observed colleagues doing in their classes.   The reciprocal nature of the network really helps in this regard.” - Observer