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Antonio Pascual-Leone, PH.D., C. Psych


D.E.A., Psychopathology, Université de Toulouse (France, 1998)
Ph.D. Psychology, York University (2005)

About Dr. Pascual-Leone

Dr. Pascual-Leone seated in his office, with balloons on the ground and streamers hanging from the ceilingAntonio Pascual-Leone is a clinical psychologist and associate professor of psychology at the University of Windsor, Canada. Originally from Toronto, he completed his early graduate training in France and then returned to Toronto to complete his Ph.D. with Les Greenberg at York University. Since that time, he has published a number of papers on psychotherapy process and outcome, with a special focus on the role of emotion. In collaboration with Dr. Paivio, Dr. Pascual-Leone has co-authored a book on Emotion-Focused Therapy for Complex Trauma, which was published by APA books in 2010. He has also published (2011) an outcome study on an emotion-focused treatment for domestically violent men and recently completed several papers on psychotherapy skills training.

He currently runs the Emotion Change Lab at the University of Windsor, where he is also a graduate faculty member teaching emotion-focused therapy (EFT) and integrative approaches to psychotherapy. Dr. Pascual-Leone is also the current director of the Psychological Services and Research Centre (PSRC), which provides clinical services of psychotherapy and clinical assessments to the campus and for the public. The centre also provides state of the art clinical training to graduate students and houses research archives. In addition, Dr. Pascual-Leone has been a returning faculty member at the EFT Summer Institute for many years where he helps instruct intensive seminars on EFT skills for professionals. Aside from having been involved as a therapist in several of the published clinical trials of EFT, for both individual and couples therapy, he has also received training in DBT and CBT treatments. He runs a private practice in Windsor seeing individuals and couples.

Dr. Pascual-Leone is currently under contract with the America Psychological Association Book publishing and is writing a book on “Emotional Processing in Psychotherapy: How people change how they feel.” The book is anticipated for 2017.

If interested, you can read a brief personal essay by Dr. Pascual-Leone and published in a student manual on the roles of therapy training as a transformative process.

Dr. Pascual-Leone’s teaching philosophy from a personal perspective.

Dr. Pascual-Leone, outdoors


My Office

257 Chrysler Hall South
Tel: (519) 253-3000 ext. 4702
Fax: (519) 973-7021

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Dr. Pascual-Leone with other APA Award recipientsThe Society for Psychotherapy Research is honoring Antonio Pascual-Leone with their “Outstanding Early Career Award.” This award recognizes contributions made to the field of research on psychotherapy in the first 10 years of one’s career and was awarded to Antonio at an annual (2014) conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Antonio Pascual-Leone has also been selected as a recipient of an “Outstanding Faculty Research Award in Category B: Mid-Career Scholars/Researchers.” This award is the University of Windsor’s highest form of internal recognition for Excellence in Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity and carries a cash prize.

Selected Awards:

  • Outstanding Faculty Research Award in Category B: Mid-Career Scholars/Researchers (2014)
  • Outstanding Early Career Award, Society of Psychotherapy Research (2014)
  • Special Honors in Recognition of Scholarship, University of Windsor (2011)
  • Distinguished Publication Award, American Psychological Association, Div 29 (2010)
  • Young Researcher Award, Society for Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (2009)
  • Certificate of Excellence for Doctoral Research, Canadian Psychological Association (2006)
  • Three-year Doctoral Fellowship, Social Science & Humanities Research Council (1999-2002)

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