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Dr. Tanya Basok

Dr. Tanya Basok
Professor and Undergraduate Chair & Environmental Sustainability Advocate
Department of Sociology and Anthropology

161-1 Chrysler Hall South

Tel. 519 253 3000 ext. 3498

email address:


B.A. (1981, York, Social Anthropology),
M.A. (1983, York, Social Anthropology),
Ph.D (1988, York, Sociology)

My research focuses on migration and migrant rights. I have conducted research on:

  • violations of human rights in Central America
  • refugee movements
  • refugee settlement in Central American countries
  • Canadian refugee policy and its application
  • professional certification of former Soviet Jewish physicians in Canada
  • anti-Semitism and nationalism in the former Soviet Union
  • volunteer retention in community agencies concerned with Social Justice
  • Mexican migrant workers in Canada
  • organized labour’s and grassroots advocacy for migrant rights in Canada and the U.S.
  • the rights of female migrants in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Central American migrants in Mexico

More recently, I have been conducting research on Community Gardens as places of belonging for Canadian immigrants, volunteering among International Students, and Status Regularization Programs for Irregular Migrants in South America and Mexico. 

I teach courses in the area of Migration, Social Justice, and Food and Global Sustainability.