Internal Print Policy

Internal Policy and Guideline of the Vice-President, Finance & Operations

RE: Printing and Copying Services Policies and Procedures

Policy Statement

The general purpose of the University of Windsor Print Shop (“Print Shop”) is to provide quality, timely, and efficient printing and copying services to the University of Windsor (“University”) community to best support its academic and administrative programs.

The Print Shop is an ancillary operation; profits earned are directly invested back into the University’s budget, supporting key institutional priorities such as scholarships and bursaries.

To ensure the best pricing for the University and to maintain quality, the Print Shop has first rights to refusal for all campus work for these services, with all print and copy jobs requested by an AAU department, unit, group, or University community member for related purposes requiring requests to be sent to the Print Shop for coordination and/or production.

In the event that the Print Shop cannot produce the material needed because of technical, capacity or other approved constraints, the Print Shop will be the liaison between the University community and outside vendors, unless the requesting department wishes to do so themselves. For external sourced work, the Print Shop will leverage established partner relationships built over many years to secure the best quality and pricing for the work being requested. The Print Shop will also have the option of price-matching any outside vendor quotes that may received by requestors as part of the initial budgeting process.


The policy includes all print jobs funded by the University’s operating fund, expendable trusts and internal and externally funded research grants. Related parties of the University are not required but are encouraged to adhere to the policy.


1.1 The overall objectives of the Print Shop are to provide consistent, high quality, efficient printing, copying and binding to meet the requirements of the University member.

1.2 The Print Shop shall support University Departments through proper print, copy and binding services.

1.3 The Print Shop operates as an ancillary operation on an at-least breakeven basis using chargeback rates administered through the University’s finance system. Where profits exist, they are reinvested in the University’s operating budget.

1.4 As an internal service, the Print Shop is able to conduct internal business on a tax-exempt basis.

1.5 Since the majority of University printing and copying requirements can be handled by the Print Shop, University departments shall consult the Print Shop to determine if the work can be done on campus or through the outsourced approved print shops. Work may be referred to off-campus suppliers by the Print Shop only in the following instances:

1. Where specialized work is required and it is beyond the capability of current Print Shop equipment or staff.
2. Where the Print Shop cannot meet the required deadline.

When such work is to go off-campus; it shall be approved by the Print Shop and/or Public Affairs and Communications in consultation with the Print Shop. In this instance, the requesting department may work with a vendor of their choice. When the Print Shop determines that staff must work overtime to meet a particular deadline and that the overtime costs are a legitimate charge to the user, then the staff member shall advise the Director, Ancillary Operations and obtain their consent to cover the associated overtime charges.


1.1 Consultation: Printing and copying staff in the main Print Shop are ready to serve the University community by providing technical advice, approximate costs, and estimates of production time requirements.

1.2 All printing jobs must be processed through the University's the Print Shop’s online form or via email to the Print Shop. All orders for printing and copying must be submitted on a properly completed Request Form.

1.3 Departments and units will continue dealing with the Public Affairs and Communications Office (or the individual Faculty Communication Coordinator) for assistance in designing their projects until they reach the final stage. Soft copy, hard copy mock-ups and job orders should be sent to the Print Shop.

Services Provided by the Print Shop

2.1 Planning, consultation and advice: On request, the staff of the Print Shop will be available to assist any University department in planning, consultation or to give advice on any aspect of Printing and Copying Services.

Monitoring and Compliance

The Director, Ancillary Operations is the designated resource to serve as policy custodian. The policy custodian will be responsible for ensuring a compliance framework which supports the ongoing monitoring and reporting of policy issues. The custodian will work in partnership with the ongoing audit procedures in place in the University’s accounts payable and corporate card offices, along with internal audit as required.

The policy will undergo a formal review every three years, or sooner, at the call of the Vice-President, Finance & Operations.

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