Senior Academic Leaders


picture of reem bahdi

Prof. Reem Bahdi

Dean, Faculty of Law

picture of dora cavallo medved

Dr. Dora Cavallo-Medved

Interim Dean, Faculty of Science

picture of ashish mahajan

Dr. Ashish Mahajan

Acting Dean, Faculty of Business

picture of ken montgomery

Dr. Ken Montgomery

Dean, Faculty of Education

picture of linda rohr

Dr. Linda Rohr

Dean, Faculty of Human Kinetics

picture of debbie sheppard lemoine

Dr. Debbie Sheppard-LeMoine

Dean, Faculty of Nursing

picture of bill van heyst

Dr. Bill Van Heyst

Dean, Faculty of Engineering

picture of patricia weir

Dr. Patricia Weir

Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies

picture of christopher busch

Dr. Christopher Busch

Associate VP, Enrolment Management

picture of shetina jones

Dr. Shetina Jones

Associate VP, Student Experience

picture of erika kustra

Dr. Erika Kustra

Associate VP, Academic

picture of selinda berg

Dr. Selinda Berg

University Librarian

picture of ray darling

Mr. Ray Darling

University Registrar

person icon

Ms. Kimberly Benoit

Executive Director, Academic Labour Relations

image placeholder person

Ms. Rose Zanutto

Executive Director, Institutional Analysis