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Project Brief

University of Windsor has committed to the Canadian Pilot Cohort (CPC) project taking place between January 2019 until October 2020, joining a cohort of Canadian academic institutions to complete the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification. The classification assesses an institution’s processes for continuous improvement in the core capacity of building mutually beneficial relationships with partners that are characterized by reciprocity, co-creation and power sharing. The primary activity of participating institutions will be the collection of data and stories that illustrate each institution’s commitment to infrastructure that supports community engagement.

Purpose and Expected Outcomes

The purpose of the Canadian Pilot Cohort is to determine the fit of the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification for Canadian contexts, and to recommend adjustments, ultimately building towards a Canadian classification administered in Canada. Because it is a pilot, participating institutions will not retain actual certification. But a common outcome for any institution that completes the process is the emergence of sustainable infrastructure to support the development of partnerships and community-engaged teaching, research and creative activity, all of which contribute to transformational change.