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Faculty and Staff Consultations


In Spring 2020, the University of Windsor’s Carnegie Pilot Steering Committee invited faculty and staff to complete an electronic form or participate in an interview to discuss:   

  • their community-engaged work;   
  • how the University of Windsor has recognized and supported that work; and   
  • how the University of Windsor could more effectively support that work in the future.   

Faculty and staff were asked to discuss these themes as they pertained to teaching, research, service, received funding, and professional development opportunities. 

From these discussions, the Committee found that participants shared a common understanding and appreciation for community-engaged work. Many participants expressed that they have witnessed a positive change in the university’s culture in recent years and were excited by the possibilities that could come with a greater commitment to be community-engaged. 

Participants also provided suggestions for strengthening community-engaged work at the University of Windsor. The overarching themes that emerged were a desire to see:   

  • Greater awareness, recognition, and reward for outstanding community-engaged work   
  • A university-led vision for community engagement and supporting infrastructure   
  • Specific supports for more inclusive participation in community-engaged work  

Participant responses are shared in greater detail in the full report.  

We would like to express our thanks to the 85 faculty and staff who contributed their time and valuable insights, without whom this work would not be possible.

Campus Consultation Report – October 2020


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