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Request for Interest - WURA Executives and Committees 2022



October 5, 2021

Dear Member of WURA,


Your Nominating Committee invites you to become active in WURA by serving on the Executive or one of its Committees.

Following up on the "heads up" message to members from Roger Lauzon and Jake Soderlund (email of August 20), we look forward to maintaining strong leadership in WURA, and ask your consideration of taking a ready part in it.

WURA's activities, while modified due to Covid 19, have continued in strength over the past year, a testament to the commitment of Executive and Committee members to the mission of the association, that is, to foster connection between retirees, to maintain and strengthen their benefits under the Collective Agreement, and to liaise regularly with the university administration. The Executive meets monthly, and prepares information and actions for the membership at its Spring and Fall meetings. The Committees work throughout the year as needed.

We invite your interest and input into WURA, whether in person or remotely through technology. Please see the list of positions below. Several incumbents have indicated that they are willing to serve another term, but we are open to all who would like to be active in WURA's activities.

For information or to make a nomination, please contact any member of the Committee: Dr. Norman King

Dr. Barbara Thomas Prof. David Palmer

Deadline for nominations: October 29

The Committee will present a slate of candidates at the Fall General Meeting for members' ratification. That meeting and election will likely be online at this point.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank-you, and with all best wishes,

David Palmer, Past-President and Chair, Nominating Committee






Directors-at-Large: (at least 3 members) Webmaster:


Standing Committees (3 to 5 members)

Bursary Committee:

Nominating Committee:

Pension and Benefits Committee:

Social Committee:

Communications Committee:

Editorial Board: (part of the Communications Committee, with responsibilty for the online "Bulletin")

Special Committees(3 to 5 members)

Membership Committee:

Research Support Group:

Travel Grant Review Committee:

Ad Hoc Committee

Bylaw and Constitution Review Committee:

WURA Representatives to WUFA Committees

WUFA Contract Committee:

WUFA Executive Committee:

WUFA Faculty Council:

WUFA Retirement & Benefits Committee:

WURA Representatives to University Committees

Retiree Healthcare Subsidy Committee: Retired Members Pension Committee (D.7):

WURA Representative to the Board of Governors

Board of Governors Pension Committee: