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Our Mission

The Retirees' Association (Faculty, Librarian, Administrator) at Windsor was formed in 1990, to give a unified voice to retirees; to provide a bridge for communication with the University; to encourage social contact among retirees; and to open doors through which retirees could continue to contribute to the University of Windsor.

Thus the Association is meant to fill what could otherwise be a void in the lives of retirees - possible isolation from the University and from their colleagues, and possible lack of understanding of vital pension and health issues that affect them directly.

The current WURA Executive and Committees are pleased to serve you. 

Contact WURA

There are several ways to contact WURA including;

WURA Office, Room G119, Chrysler Hall North,
University of Windsor,
Windsor, ON   N9B 3P4

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The Wisdom of Elders: WURA's Contribution to Strategic Planning.

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