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WURA Scholarship

June 2021 Update

The Windsor University Retirees Association (WURA) Scholarship was established in the late 1990s by retired professors, librarians and administrators. Founding generous donations were made by Dean Bill Phillips and mathematics professor Dr. Cormac Smith. This award is our ongoing legacy and commitment to the education of current and future students. 

In 2020-2021, the WURA Scholarship valued at $1500 was awarded to  six eminently  deserving undergraduate students in a totally anonymous process by the WURA Scholarship Committee. 

The Award winners are: 

Claire Baldwin   

Wesam Aiad   

Magen Forget   

Robert Papak       

Alma Tamim                        

Elizabeth Stiers    

The Scholarship Committee would like WURA members and others to know how significant these scholarships are to our Windsor students and how important it is to support them each year with our donations 

Words of appreciation from this year’s winners include:   

  • It was very thrilling to receive the Windsor University Retirees Association award. It will assist greatly in my pursuit of higher education.  
  • Receiving the Windsor University Scholarship Award means I am able to focus on my education and less on working extra hours to meet my financial goals. 
  • I grew up in a low income family and always wondered what this might mean for me in pursuing post-secondary education. A scholarship like this goes a long way for a student like me who works to afford school as this is an added stressor that can contribute negatively to my education at times.  
  • I am very thankful to every contributor to this award. I am determined to follow in their steps and upon a successful graduation and career I will do the same for future student generations, to help them focus and excel in their studies. This award shows the commitment of the retired faculty members of the University of Windsor. 
  • Words cannot describe the joy bestowed upon me by this award. It will push me to greater ambition to achieve my academic goals and to look forward to representing the University of Windsor in the best possible way in the future. 
  • This scholarship meant a great deal to me in achieving my education goals, especially while facing a global pandemic. 
  • This scholarship will assist me in paying for my tuition, travelling needs, and other expenses.    
  • I was stressed beyond belief during a pandemic, and receiving the scholarship relieved much stress I was facing. It helped me to put more focus into my studies. I will be forever thankful for that.  

The committee would like to thank retirees for their ongoing financial support in assisting students in need.  You can see the impact this has when reading the statements written by the recipients of this scholarship. WURA encourages retirees and others to support the WURA scholarship fund:

WURA also recognizes and supports the Black Student Scholarship Initiative that has been set up by the University of Windsor. If you choose to support this scholarship please follow the link above. 

WURA Scholarship Committee 
Dr Barbara Thomas, Chair 
Dr Ron Barron. 
Dr Dale Rajacich 


How can you support a student?


Donate on-line at Designate your gift to the Retirees' Scholarship Fund (under "Other").


Donations can be made through the Annual Giving program,
Chris Knack 
Office of Alumni Affairs and Donor Communications
(519) 253-3000 ext. 4279


For further information on Retirees' Scholarships please contact,
Marian Doll,
Director, Student Awards and Financial Aid
Room 102, Chrysler Hall Tower,
Phone: (519) 253-3000, ext. 3300
Or the Office of Office of Alumni Affairs and Donor Communications::
Ms. Patricia Lauzon (Patti), Director
Room 109 Welcome Centre
Phone: (519) 253-3000, ext. 3226