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Stratford 2019 - Merry Wives of Windsor


Merry Wives of Windsor Publicity photo

Merry Wives of Windsor ... Alumni and Friends annual trip to the Stratford Festival on Monday, May 13. WURA members enjoyed the 2 p.m. performance in the Festival Theatre. Package included seating in the "A" section on the main floor and a dinner reception following the performance in the Paul D. Fleck Marquee (Festival Theatre). This web page is a work in progress. Stay tuned whilst we work out who's who, etc.

Many, many thanks to Veronika Mogyorody for the great photography.

View of people in the bus on the way to Stratford.

The wheels on the bus go round and round ...

Stratford 2

Don Park and Diana Mady Kelly.

Kate McCrone

Betcha don't know who this is ... (hint - Kate McCrone.)


Bruce and Tina

Bruce Tucker and Christina Simmons

Bruce and ...

Katherine Simon and Bruce Tucker

Two people

Three people

The set

What is this? Prize to anyone who can guess.

Two people


More people

Crowd shot

Diana Mady Kelly and Don Park

Young lady and mother attending the performance.

Ljubica Rudic and Mila Rudic

Antoni Cimolino

Antoni Cimolino

Cimolino and crowd


Antoni Cimolino

Crowd shot, attendees at luncheon that followed the performance.

People on a bus

Altogether now ... "the wheels of the bus go round ..."

The end of a perfect day.

Katherine Simon was the organizer for the event and she did an absolutely fantastic job.  Everything went smoothly - the ride up and back, seating within the theater for the performance, and the dinner afterwards with greetings from Antoni Cimolino. 

Kids asking librarian "do you have anything new by Shakespeare?"