How to "Zoom"

Dear Colleague,

WURA would like to start using Zoom to communicate live with members. As a result, we want you to sign up for a ‘FREE’ Zoom account. I suspect this will appeal more to some members than to others. During our first Zoom meeting, we should address communication protocols (“hands up”, chat, etc.) and give participants an opportunity to say a few words and communicate with one another. We will ask participants when and how often they would like to meet. WURA has paid for a Zoom licence, allowing us to exceed the 45-minute limit for the free version. Some possible topics for Zoom meetings are listed below:

1. Music making and poetry reading (is a possibility).

2. "St. Pat’s Party" in March.

3. A discussion of research topics – a brief overview of what WURA members have been up to, etc.

4. Scheduled bridge meetings.

5. Discussion groups (political, local municipal changes), various interest groups (e.g. gardening, crafts, writing, book-club).

6. Dinner parties (plan a menu, have each member make a recipe from the menu or everyone could make the whole menu and then talk about the food, interests, preparation of the menu. obtaining the ingredients, etc.).

7. Ask the President and/or Provost to give a University update.

I think it should be easy to follow directions of Zoom with others. If someone is having trouble, someone on the Zoom call can tell the other person what to do. (Brought to you by the Social Committee of WURA).


You need to sign up with a ‘FREE’ copy of Zoom to begin.

There are two ways:

Option One: Instructions for many different browsers and computers. 

1. Start with this link ... Getting Started  Zoom Help Center 

2. Find your best fit. Click and follow instructions.

Option Two: Here are the steps to follow.  (From Richard Dumala)

1. Click on this link ... Free Sign up - Zoom. You will see a page that looks like this ...

Zoom signup screen


2. Enter the email you usually use. 

3. Click on the "Sign-Up It's Free" button.

4. In the dialogue box that pops up on your screen, enter your date of birth. Click on "Continue".

Dialogue box to continue setting up Zoom


5. Now, verify that you entered your email correctly and type the characters you see in the box. Hit Enter.

6. Check your email (look in "Clutter" and "Junk" if it's not in your "Inbox") for a verification email from "Zoom". Follow the instructions in the email to complete your registration.

7. Note: if you already have a Zoom account you will be told you already have an account and be presented with a "Sign-in" button to proceed to Zoom.

NOTE: When we are having a meeting or event, you will receive an invitation. Clicking on it will get you into the event. (There are some more steps, but we'll tell you more later). If you need help, call Richard Lewis at 519 962 1078

Roger Lauzon

President, WURA