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University Act

University of Windsor Ontario Legislature Acts

The year 2013 was the University of Windsor's 50th anniversary as a public institution—but the story of our university actually began with its founding in September of 1857, when the first students arrived to study at its predecessor, Assumption College.

In the 143 years that have since passed, the small, liberal arts college has grown into today’s non-denominational, comprehensive teaching and learning university. More than 16,000 students attend the University of Windsor today and its alumni family is 100,000+ strong.

On December 19, 1962, the University of Windsor was incorporated by the Ontario Legislature, accepting Assumption University in Federation by Bill Pr36 (PDF format).

On July 1, 1963, the University of Windsor assumed control of the campus creating southwestern Ontario’s first autonomous degree granting institution.

In 1968, the University of Windsor Act 1962-63, was amended by Bill Pr35 (PDF format).