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Campus Community Engagement

June 2021 - Policy Feedback

The Smoke-Free Campus Steering Committee invited students, staff and faculty to review the draft Smoke-Free Campus Policy and provide feedback through an online Feedback Form. The draft policy emerged from the information gathered through the campus consultation activities that were held in March 2020 as well as the review of policies from other universities in Ontario that have become smoke-free in the last 3 years.

The Qualtrics survey platform was used to gather the feedback. The feedback form was completely voluntary and anonymous. By the closing date, 93 responses were received. Survey responses by self-identified group:

  • 39.8 % students
  • 30.2 % staff
  • 23.7 % faculty
  • 5.3 % other
  • 1% did not identify

A qualitative analysis of the responses was performed to identify themes, opinions, concerns, questions. This information was reviewed by the Policy Development and Enforcement Working Group and recommended changes to the policy were then presented to the Steering Committee. The revised draft has been recommended by the Steering Committee and is currently at its final review stage. 

March 2020 - Campus Community Consultation

Students, faculty and staff participated in the campus engagement activities that were held in March 2020. Their input was instrumental to shape the Smoke-Free Campus Policy (tobacco, cannabis and vaping) and its associated implementation strategies (Education, Awareness Raising, Smoking Cessation Supports and Policy Enforcement). 572 individuals shared their thoughts through the Conversations Boards held at the CAW Student Centre (March 10 & 12, 2020) and the online survey (March 4 - 20, 2020). 

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