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Take Our Kids to Work Day

Every November, we look forward to welcoming grade 9 students to our campus as part of the national Take Our Kids to Work Day. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and in accordance with the guidelines from the Ontario Government and public health officials, the University will not be holding this career exploration event this year.

On November 3, 2021, grade 9 students from across Canada will be able to participate in a virtual Take Our Kids to Work Day being planned by The Learning Partnership. To learn more about this virtual day go to The Learning Partnership website.

We look forward to welcoming back grade 9 students next year.

What is the "Take Our Kids to Work Day" program?

The Take Our Kids to Work Day is an annual national program of the “Learning Partnership” in which grade 9 students are hosted by parents, friends and/or relatives at workplaces across the country.  The Take Our Kids to Work Day enhances the student’s understanding of the realities of working life and supports them in their exploration and planning of their career paths. It helps students make more informed choices.

Who can I host as part of this program?

University of Windsor employees may bring up to two (2) grade 9 students to campus to participate in the Take Our Kids to Work Day. Employees are encouraged to host:

  • their son or daughter
  • their niece, nephew, grandchild or other relative
  • their friends'/neighbours' child

Please note that no registrations will be taken at the door.

What are the responsibilities of employees who host a grade 9 student?

As a host, the employee will be responsible for:

  • enrolling the student in the program and ensuring that the required documents are received by Human Resources
  • dropping-off and picking-up the student(s) from the location (Alumni Auditorium)
  • providing a job shadowing component during a portion of the day. Please obtain prior approval from your supervisor for the job shadowing component. Also, please refer to the "Health & Safety" page for a list of the areas across campus where grade 9 students are not permitted.

What activities have been planned for the day?

This event will offer students a variety of planned group activities and the opportunity to job shadow their parent/host for a portion of the day. Students will also have an opportunity to get a glimpse of what the University of Windsor can offer. 

  • Visit the Program for the Day page for detailed information.

What if the grade 9 student that I am hosting wants to job shadow all day and not participate in the planned group activities?

University of Windsor employees who want to bring a grade 9 student to campus to job shadow all day and not participate in the planned group activities must still complete the on-line registration, submit the signed waiver and attend the Welcome and Health & Safety components of the program.