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Health & Safety Information

The University is committed to providing a safe environment to the grade 9 students visiting our campus. 

Due to operational risk factors grade 9 students are not permitted in the following areas:

  • Lab environments requiring wearing of safety eyewear, lab coat, closed shoes and or other personal protective equipment
  • Energy Conversion Centre and other areas of the campus requiring wearing steel-toe shoes or other personal protective equipment
  • Construction sites
  • Food Services kitchens
  • Storage areas for chemicals, flammable/combustible liquids, hazardous waste
  • Custodial rooms
  • Private living areas in student residences
  • Shipping and receiving loading areas
  • Animal care areas
  • Any University of Windsor vehicle
  • Campus Police
  • Maintenance Services

Employees who are hosting a grade 9 student are reminded that all of the safety policies and programs of the workplace apply to the students. During the job shadowing component of the day, the student must be under the supervision of the UWindor employee who is hosting the student.

Under no circumstances shall any student participating in the Take Our Kids to Work activities be permitted to:

  • operate motorized vehicles
  • operate any mechanical, electrical or powered equipment
  • handle any product deemed dangerous, toxic, biological or radioactive

Useful Information

  • Bring Safety Home: Ministry of Labour initiative designed to enable parents to play a positive, proactive role in ensuring their children—many of whom are starting their first jobs—come home after work healthy and free from injury at the end of each day.