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Introducing  UWinsite Service

As is part of the University of Windsor’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, UWinsite Service is a customer service platform that provides a cross-channel contact centre, knowledge management, as well as interactive web service.​

Using UWinsite Service

Introduced in summer 2018, UWinsite Service is initially being deployed in the Office of the Registrar and Recruitment.

Other areas on campus are invited to use UWinsite Service by:

  • Accessing ask.uwindsor.ca as a resource for answering constituents’ questions that are outside of your area’s scope of expertise
  • Implementing the ask.uwindsor.ca wordmark and link on your website so constituents can easily submit their own inquiries
  • Submitting suggestions for Knowledgebase articles

It is anticipated that as we adopt UWinsite Service, additional ways to use the tool will be found and that the platform’s deployment on campus will expand.