Enlargers in the Black and White Photo Lab

Photography Area


Nadja Pelkey, Photography Technician and Sessional Instructor at the School for Creative Arts (SoCA), takes us on a video walk through of The Photo Show in the SoCA Gallery, March 16-21, 2020.

Photography at SOCA:

Photography works over multiple lab areas to provide students the opportunity for production in analogue black & white film processing and printing along with digital image processing and printing. Production is further supported with access to two lighting studios, as well as equipment for use in a range of environments. 

Please note that our photography spaces are currently open to MFA students with prior knowledge only. Updates on the space will be announced at a later date. 

Chemicals for developing film in the Black & White Photo Lab

Black & White Photography Lab

Our newly built photography lab has been designed to be easy to use, safe and environmentally responsible. The lab includes professional quality equipment for processing film and producing black & white photographic prints up to 16” x 20”. The lab includes a film loading room with processing sink, film processing area and a well-ventilated gang darkroom, with twelve enlarger stations set up to print from medium format and 35mm film. The facility also offers equipment for fibre-based printing

Student lab monitors provide supervised open lab time throughout the week to allow undergraduate students to engage deeply with the medium.  Graduate students are allowed private darkroom access upon request with the completion of Health & Safety training. 

Lighting Studios

There are two lighting studio areas for students to make use of. In the Armouries building Classroom 1 is equipped with a set of paper backdrops and students are able to borrow a set of studio lights from the photo lab area for use in the space.
In the Alan Wildeman Building there is a professional scale lighting studio open to senior and graduate studentswith new lights and sweep backdrop system to support production in portraiture, still life, etc. The studio is available by reservation. 

Equipment for Student Loan

Along with the equipment and facilities available within the building, students may borrow equipment for use outside the school. These include DSLR cameras, tripods, light meters, and light kits. Loan access increases as students progress through the program. Chris Blais, Digital Technician handles all equipment sign out. His office is located at Room B12, Armouries.
To access equipment students should contact Chris at cblais(at)uwindsor.ca

Students working in the Digital Photo Lab

Digital Image Processing

Photography students work in the computer lab to process their images. Calibrated monitors are available for print preparation.
The Digital Video Imaging Lab (DVIL) and the Senior Computer Lab have film and flatbed scanners to digitize material.

3D Print Lab

Digital Print Lab

The Digital Print Lab provides high quality printing, at up to 44” x 90”, at affordable prices.