Sculpture Artists in Residence

Visiting artists provide students the opportunity to work and learn from professional artists in the development of projects in the sculpture studio.

Water Level by Sarah Maloney

Sarah Maloney


Pouring molten metal into a casting

The University of Windsor Art Foundry is one of the longest running educational metal casting facility in Ontario established in 1970. Students receive hands on experience with bronze and aluminum casting using cope and drag, and traditional investment mold casting. The foundry is used by all levels of undergraduate and graduate students and visiting artists.


Rod Strickland's Sculpture Class project discussionRod Strickland's Sculpture Class project discussion

Sculpture offers a variety of project-based studio courses at the undergraduate level were students’ work closely with faculty and technicians to explore concepts, methods and materials in contemporary art practice. Our facilities including a fully equipped wood shop, and a metal fabrication facility.

Artist in Residence (Sculpture) provides students the opportunity to work with professional artists in a studio environment.