Dr. Mohsan Beg

Dr. Mohsan Beg

Dr. Mohsan Beg is a licensed clinical psychologist and has been the director of the Student Counselling Centre at the University of Windsor for the last 12 years.

He obtained his undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Toronto. Upon graduating, Dr. Beg worked for two years as a member of a mobile crisis team providing front-line intervention for psychiatric emergencies in Toronto.

He completed his Master’s and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Windsor.

Dr. Beg has worked in a wide variety of clinical settings including: a children’s mental health facility; in the emergency room of Detroit Receiving Hospital providing trauma counselling; the forensics unit of the former Clarke Institute of Psychiatry; and at the University Of Indiana School Of Medicine.

Dr. Beg's clinical interests are in the area of mental health of postsecondary students, anxiety and mood disorders, and learning disabilities.

Dr. Beg is also an active member of the community having served on the boards of the Windsor Essex Children’s Aid Society and Windsor Family Health Team and presenting on a variety of mental health topics both on and off campus.