Winnie the Therapy Dog

Winnie the therapy dog sitting on a dog bed

I am Lady Windsor. You can call me Winnie for short. I am the newest member of the Engineering Wellness office and partner to Giselle St Louis, our clinical therapist in the faculty. I am a trained therapy dog born and bred to do my job. I graduated from a rigorous 6-month training program at Mindfulness Therapy Dogs in Pinckney, Michigan before joining Giselle. I’ve been told that my presence in therapy helps people to relax. If you’d like me to be with you when you see Giselle, please let us know. I may lay near you or if you’d like, you can pet me while Giselle talks to you. One of the difficult things for students when they move away from home can be leaving the family pet. I’ll never be able to replace your pet, but I can offer comfort and connection while you are here!