TB Screening

TB Skin Tests (TST) are done at Student Health Services all year round.

Summer: Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri by appointment
Sept through April: Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri by appointment

  • TB skin tests must be read 48 - 72 hours after administration
  • You must return 48-72 hours after receiving your TST to have it read or it will have to be repeated
  • We only read TB skin tests that we have administered

Note: TB tests are not done on Thursdays but may be read on a Thursday.

No appointment necessary.

There is no charge for TB skin tests needed for clinical placement, but you must bring your Health Insurance card (OHIP/Greenshield etc).

Ontario Health Insurance (OHIP) covers TB tests for a clinical placement (free).
Ontario Health Insurance does NOT cover TB tests for a paid workplace position.

Cost: one-step $20; two-step $25 (for a person who has never had a TB skin test)