Scholarships & Awards

Women’s and Gender Studies Paper Prize

$75 gift certificate

Have you written a paper for a Women’s and Gender Studies course that you are especially proud of? We would like to acknowledge that work!

Submissions can be made by either the author of the paper(s) or course instructor(s) (with the author’s permission). The paper must have been written in 2021. 

Submit a copy of the paper without any identifiers (no name, student number, course number) along with a copy of the assignment instructions;
then include a separate sheet with your name, phone number, year in university, the course the paper was written for, and the instructor’s name to:
Women's and Gender Studies Prize Committee at
Deadline to apply:  March 8, 2022

2022 Winners:  Alyssa Haskell with “Reflection Paper 2: A Critical Reflection on the “Stories Beyond Status” Performance” from Dr. Merrick Pilling’s course Gender, Sexuality, and Social Justice (WGST/SACR-2100-01) and Karleigh Kochaniec with “The Experiences of Marginalized Students Regarding Hookup Culture:  Student Information” from Dr. Urvashi Soni-Sinha’s course Frameworks for Feminist Research (WGST-3060-01)

2021 Winner:  Deslyn Tracey with “Privileges and Consequences Awarded to Female Bodies and its Effects on Society” from Dr. Pauline Phipps’ course Frameworks for Feminist Research (WGST-3060-01)

2020 Winner:  Amanda Skocic with “Foreign Domestic Work and Motherhood:  Transnational Constructions of Motherhood and its Consequences” from Dr. Urvashi Soni-Sinha’s course Women and Globalization (WGST/WORK-2600-01)

Women’s and Gender Studies Voice Prize

$75 gift certificate
Do you have something to say? We would like to hear it!
This can include a text, video, audio, or other creative work by a Women's and Gender Studies student and/or that emerges from a Women’s and Gender Studies course.  The piece must have been completed in 2021.
Submit a finished product without any identifiers if possible (no name, student number, course number) along with a copy of the assignment instructions (if work was completed as part of a course);
then include a separate sheet with your name, phone number, year in university, the course the piece was created for, and the instructor’s name to:
Women's and Gender Studies Prize Committee at
Deadline to apply:  March 8, 2022

2022 Winners:  Jessica Akintomide and Andrea Gatie with “Hour-a-Day Study Club HerStory” from Dr. Merrick Pilling’s course Exploration of Feminist Voice (WGST-4000-01)

2020 Winner:  Candy Spencer with “Women in the Air Transport Auxiliary (1939) & Royal Canadian Air Force (1941)” which has been displayed at the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association museum in Windsor

Women’s and Gender Studies Distinguished Alumni Award

$100 gift certificate
The Distinguished Alumni Award in Women's and Gender Studies is awarded each year to a graduate of any Women's and Gender Studies degree or certificate program per the criteria below.  Candidates may self-nominate or nominate others (with nominee's consent).  Applications will be adjudicated by the Women's and Gender Studies Student Affairs and Events Committee.
The prize will be up to $150.  Recipients will be awarded a $100 gift card of their choosing and receive a $50 honorarium for presenting an optional 30-minute talk on their post-graduate work in course Women in Canadian Society in the fall.
We are seeking to honour graduates who meet the following nomination criteria:
  • Graduate of a Women's and Gender Studies degree or certificate program (includes Social Work and Women's Studies).
  • Active in feminist community post-graduation in any form (ex. community activism, feminist mentoring, etc.)
  • Continued support of Women's and Gender Studies at UWindsor in some form (ex. mentoring of current WGS students, financial contributions, event organizing, etc.)
Additional attributes that the nominee may wish to address in their nomination include:
  • Mentoring of other feminists/feminist action in the community or at the University of Windsor.
  • Other forms of activism in the community or at the University of Windsor (ex. campus community garden, organizing feminist protest, etc.)

Apply online
Deadline to apply:  March 8, 2022

2021 Winner:  Allison Cadwallader, BA in Psychology and Women's & Gender Studies (2016)

2021 Winner:  Justine Danford, BSW in Social Work and Women's Studies (2009) 

2020 Winner:  Sydney Chapados, BA in Sociology and Women's & Gender Studies (2018)

2020 Winner:  Dhouha Triki, BA in Women's Studies (2017)

Outstanding Scholars Award

Students applying to the University of Windsor will automatically be considered for the Outstanding Scholars program.  No further application is necessary.

Outstanding Scholar Candidates (first-year recipients) must:

  • Achieve an excellent final overall high school grade point average.
  • Register as full-time students in an Honours program (i.e. at least 80% of full-course load for the student’s program per semester, taken for credit) in the year immediately following the conferring of the award
  • Active participation in volunteer and extra-curricular activities is strongly recommended.

To qualify to compete for an Academic Appointment in the Outstanding Scholars program (second-year), Candidates must:

  • Achieve a minimum overall GPA of 80%.

Board of Governors Medal for Graduating Students

Students graduating from the University of Windsor in Women's & Gender Studies (satisfying the criteria below) will automatically be considered for a Board of Governors Medal.  No further application is necessary.
Awarded to the student standing highest (i.e. ‐ having the highest cumulative average), graduating from a degree program.
GUIDELINES (established by Senate Committee on Student Awards ‐‐ Undergraduate)
  1. Candidates must be graduating from a four‐year Honours program or equivalent in: a) in each Department or School; or b) in each Faculty which is not departmentalized.
  2. The only exception to item 1 above is that one medal is to be awarded for the following: a) General Program ‐ FAHSS (Arts) b) General Program ‐ FAHSS (Social Science) c) General Program ‐ Faculty of Science
  3. Candidates must have cumulative and major averages of at least 83%.
  4. Candidates must have spent at least two years (i.e. taken at least 20 courses) at the University of Windsor.
  5. Both full‐time and part‐time students can be considered.


2021 Recipient:  Olivia Greenhow


2017 Recipient:  Jyl Panjer

FAHSS Lead Medallion Scholars

The LEAD Medallion Scholars program recognizes undergraduate students in good standing who have excelled within and beyond the classroom. In order to earn a medallion, recipients will have demonstrated Leadership, Engagement, Application and Discovery during their time in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Windsor.  

  • Leadership through peer mentoring and campus involvement.
  • Engagement through service learning, study abroad, or other outreach activities.
  • Application through internship, practicum, or other hands-on activities related to your field of study.
  • Discovery through undergraduate research or creative pursuits.

2021 Winner:  Andrea Gatie

Athena Scholarship


The ATHENA Scholarship Program was created in 1999 for full-time post-secondary students between the ages of 18 and 30 years old. As well as having excellent academic achievement, recipients must be interested in increasing leadership opportunities for women and enhancing the quality of life in our community. It is supported by generous donations from private citizens, corporations, professions, academic institutions and community organizations. In 2004 the ATHENA Scholarship Fund (Windsor) was established as a charity and is a member of the WindsorEssex Community Foundation.

Visit for more information.

2018 Winners:  WGST graduates Erin Dufour and Sydney Chapados

2019 Winner:  Bystander Initiative graduate Jessica Glazewski

University of Windsor Returning Part-time Mature Student Award

One-time need-based tuition assistance for one course and individualized academic support is available to part-time undergraduate students who are returning to school after an absence of at least one year, and are taking less than 60% of a full course load (1 or 2 courses for most programs) towards completion of degree requirements. Successful applicants will be Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents currently residing in Ontario. Demonstration/documentation of financial hardship is required. Apply online.

Deadline: August 15 (Fall term), December 15 (Winter term).

Internal Awards at the University of Windsor

Please visit the Awards website at for more information.