Job Shadow Experience Information for Hosts

Register here by September 15th to become a Job Shadow Experience host.

About job shadowing

Job shadowing is when a you host 1 or 2 students to shadow (observe) you at work so they can gain a better understanding of career opportunities, the work environment, and the industry.  

During job shadowing, students are not meant to do any work in your workplace, but rather learn about the work and skills related to your field.  Please treat the students as you would any other visitor.  They can observe what you do and engage in mock work activities, but not perform work for your organization. 

Being a job shadow host can be a rewarding experience as you develop your personal leadership skills and provide students with support and insight about your role, industry, and organization.

How it works

Becoming a job shadow host is simple, free, and requires minimal time commitment. Here’s how it works:

  • Speak to your human resources department to confirm you are able to host students and then fill out our online host registration form;
  • Students will review the available shadowing opportunities and apply to the program for the ones they are interested in;
  • Career Development & Experiential Learning staff will assess applications based on quality and fit and match students with available hosts;
  • If you are matched with a student, you will receive an email introduction to the student;
  • It will be up to you and the student to connect phone or email to confirm the date and time and review details of the shadowing experience;
  • Welcome the student to the job shadow experience, have them fill out any paperwork required by your HR department, and give them an overview of any protocols or safety instructions they need to follow during their visit;
  • Enjoy your conversation and don’t forget to fill out our feedback form to tell us about your experience.

Fall 2019 Important Dates

  • September 15 – deadline to apply as a host
  • October 10 – Matches made
  • October 15-18 – Job Shadow Experience will take place for a half or full day during your normal operating hours at a mutually convenient time arranged by you and the student(s) you host

Information and FAQ’s for job shadow hosts

By hosting students, you are able to further develop your own leadership skills while contributing to the development of the future workforce by sharing your experiences, expertise, and enthusiasm for your field. Hosts also benefit from the opportunity to promote their organization or industry to eager UWindsor students, and network with prospective future employees.
Our ability to make a match will depend on the number of students and host applications we receive and whether or not there is a student that is interested in your specific shadowing opportunity.
Yes! You can host up to two students at a time.
No. While many of our students reside in Windsor/Essex County, the shadowing will take place over Reading Week, so some students may be open to participating in opportunities outside of the local area as well. Transportation arrangements and associated costs are the responsibility of the student.

All students participating in the Job Shadow Experience will complete a introductory workshop with Career Development & Experiential Learning. The session will cover topics such as expectations, confidentiality, professionalism, and appropriate questions to ask an employer in an informational interview.

No, job shadow students are visitors, not employees, interns, or volunteers. Ensure a safe environment for your visiting students and be sure to provide them with any information or instructions they need to conduct themselves safely in any areas of your facility that they visit.

Our introductory workshop reinforces the importance of respecting confidentiality during the job shadow experience, but you are welcome to have the student sign a confidentiality agreement at your organization as well, should that be part of your policy for visitors. If confidentiality is a major concern in your work environment, you may want to plan a student’s visit so that it will not interfere with any confidential matters but still allow them to experience the workplace.


Things to discuss ahead of time with your student. 

Help your student to make the most of their job shadow experience by reviewing answers to the following questions with them when you connect to confirm the job shadow visit:

  • Do they need directions or instructions on where to find you when they get there?
  • Is there parking and/or public transportation available?
  • If this is a full day shadow experience, should the student bring a lunch?
  • Is there a dress code they must follow?
  • Do they need to wear steel toed shoes or any other protective equipment?
  • Is there a confidentiality agreement or any other forms they will need to sign? 
  • Are there any other rules or special instructions they need to be aware of?


Job Shadow Experience Activities

The required activities for you to facilitate with your job shadow students include:

  • A tour of your organization/facility. A tour of your facility will allow students to see how different roles and functions come together to contribute to the success of your operations.
  • An informational interview. Students should have the opportunity to conduct at least one informational interview with you or someone else from your organization to ask questions about career paths, the work environment, the labour market, the skills they require to be successful, etc. 
  • Observation time.  Students should have some time to observe your work, whether that be sitting in on meetings, meeting with clients, watching procedures, etc.  This will give them an idea of how you use your skills and what your day looks like.

If time permits, some optional activities you can add to the job shadow experience include:

  • Taking a photo with the student to post on social media and promote your participation in the Job Shadow Experience Program – don’t forget to tag @UWindsor and @CCES_UWindsor
  • Opportunity to speak with other colleagues or sit in on meetings
  • Listening in on phone calls or client interactions
  • Completing mock work activities (i.e. activities that mimic work done by employees, but do not entail actual work)
  • Learn a skill or participate in professional development (e.g. practice with software, review documents, learn a process, complete a training module)
  • Meet with HR or a manager to discuss hiring practices, etc.
  • Mock interviews with your HR department or a manager
  • Debrief with students about their experience


How do I learn more information?

Career Development & Experiential Learning

Farrah Francis, Career Consultant 
519-253-3000 x3866

Stephanie Dupley, Career Advisor
519-253-3000 x3892

If you have a position that would be interesting for a business student to observe, please contact Lisa Fransen ( for information about Odette Executive for a Day.

If you have a position that would be interesting for a law student to observe, please follow this link: 

Register here to become a Job Shadow Experience host.