B.Ed. / Diploma in Technological Studies

B.Ed. / Diploma in Technological Studies - Photo of welder

The Faculty of Education, in partnership with the Windsor-Essex Catholic School Board and the Greater Essex County District School Board, is excited to once again offer Technological Studies to those wanting to teach this subject in Ontario High Schools. 

This unique program is offered over the course of fourteen months, with course work being held during four semesters - July and August in Summer I; a practicum at an Ontario High School and internship/projects from September to June (minimum of 80 days practicum);  and, July and August in Summer II. This program provides the preparation required for certification by the Ontario College of Teachers for teaching Technological Studies in Ontario High Schools. Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree receive a B.Ed. degree in Technological Studies and candidates with no degree receive a Diploma in Education - Technological Studies. Graduates of the Diploma in Education – Technological Studies who later obtain an acceptable degree can apply to Registrar’s to have the Diploma converted to a B.Ed.

Successful completion of Summer I and a practicum of a minimum of ten days will qualify candidates to apply to the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) for a Transitional Certificate of Qualification and Registration. Upon successful completion of the entire program, candidates are qualified to apply to the OCT for a Certificate of Qualification and Registration. 

Teaching Subjects

  • Communication Technology
  • Computer Technology
  • Construction Technology
  • Green Industries
  • Hairstyling and Aesthetics
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Technological Design
  • Transportation Technology

Courses are designed to be meaningful to candidates regardless of their broad-based discipline. Assignments, however, are discipline-specific. The program is offered over a 14-month period of 2 summer institutes with the internship/practicum being completed during the intervening fall/winter school year.