Service Requests & Forms

For any Maintenance Emergency, please contact ext 2850.

Requests for Non-Emergency Services

Requisition for Work

This form is used for non-emergency requests only. Please print and complete the form then fax to the appropriate Department (ie, Maintenance, Custodial Services, Energy Conversion Centre).

Requisition for Work Form (PDF format)

Complete and fax the form to:

Maintenance (Fax #519-971-3661)
Requests for non-emergency services, such as small installations or repairs, moving small amounts of furniture or other items from one building to another or any plumbing, electrical, or carpentry requests. 

Custodial Services (Fax #519-971-3697)
Requests for non-emergency services, such as moving a file cabinet from one room to another in the same building. 

Energy Conversion Centre (Fax #519-973-7072)
Requests for non-emergency services, such as having an air conditioner installed in the window of one of the university houses.

Project Planning Form

Use this form to request an estimate, or to request work to be done.
Please complete the Online Project Request Form.

Interior Signage Request Forms

Small requests, such as individual name plates - Forward to Debbie Unholzer, Maintenance Department, 2601 Union St. or fax to 971-3661.
Interior Signage Request Form (PDF format)

Large requests, such as replacement of signs for an entire department
Please complete the Online Project Request Form.

Key Control Forms

Please download and complete the appropriate form to request copies of keys and/or door control cards. Information must be complete, and authorization signatures are important.

Key Control - Request for Key/Card/Fob Online Key Control System

Keys can be picked up at Room 11B, 2601 Union Street.

Note: A deposit is often required, which is refunded when the key/card(s) are returned.

Hours of operation: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00AM - 12:00PM, and 1:00PM -3:45PM. Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00AM-9:00PM, 11:00AM-12:00PM and 1:00PM-3:45PM.

Fax to Maintenance at 971-3661. Any questions can be directed to Key Control at extension 2855.

Space Request Forms

Space Request Form (PDF format)