Welcome to Iona College

The Title: Coexist


Iona is not only moving physically but, while honouring our United Church roots, has chosen to become an ecumenical and inter-faith college.

With support from representatives from a half-dozen faith communities and traditions, and in co-operation with our partners in the Chaplaincy Network and the University, Iona intends to continue serving the students, faculty, and staff of the University, as well as the surrounding community.

Our programs of student dinners, the Campus food bank, our bursaries, and our courses will be reorganized, but in one form or another, will continue. Over the coming years, we hope to broaden our course offerings and improve the food bank and other programs. One of the reasons for becoming an ecumenical and interfaith college is so that we can relaunch our chaplaincy work to embrace all faith groups. 

There will be a re-founding general membership meeting in November.
Date, place and time will be announced.

Please REGISTER if you are interested in becoming a member.
Dues are collectible at the meeting.

We are looking for representatives of various faith groups and traditions, who are looking for an opportunity to work collaboratively with members of other faiths, to participate and volunteer with the new Iona.

Iona particularly thanks the Student Law Association at the University of Windsor’s Faculty of Law for their ongoing support via their hosting of the Amicus Curiae Café. The generous patronage of the students, faculty, and staff of the Law Faculty has kept the food bank operating. We look forward to continuing this partnership and building on it.