Guide to Researching Military Law

Torture and Military Law Research

   International Law Aspects
   U.S. Military Tribunal
   Sources for US Government Documents
   Other Sources

Canadian Military Law
   International Law Aspects
   Sources for Journal Articles
   Periodical Indexes  

Canadian Documents
   Regulations, Orders and Directives
   Other Policy Documents and Publications  


A. International Law Aspects:

Third Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War, Geneva, 12 August 1949.

See also the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
"Human Rights in the Administration of Justice: Protection of Persons Subjected to Detention or Imprisonment".

B. U.S. Military Tribunal:

Combatant Status Review Tribunal

Findlaw specific section on military tribunals:

Air War College – Links to Military Laws and Regs
(uniform code of military justice, manual for courts martial, etc.)

C. Sources for U.S. Government Documents:

(including Military Tribunal transcripts as well as the "torture memos" - Memos written by the Legal Advisor to the President concerning the legality of these detentions).

ACLU - Most comprehensive source for documents on this topic.

National Security Archive - another source for classified documents:

D. Other Sources


Here is an article written by one of the FindLaw commentators that helps to set the time line and gives you some background about the "torture memos" and how they come into play.

This Washington Post Timeline is also VERY helpful:


A. International Law Aspects:

Geneva Conventions
See the final heading "Humanitarian Law" on the UN OHCHR's website.

International Committee of the Red Cross -International Humanitarian Law

B. Sources for Journal Articles:

Army Lessons Learned (Bulletin)

Canadian Army Journal

Canadian Forces College Papers

Canadian Forces College Review

Canadian Forces College -Links to Electronic Military Journals

Canadian Military Journal

Canadian Naval Review

Jane's Information Group

Sword and Scale (CBA National Military Law Section)

Periodical Indexes:

College Automated Military Periodicals Index

Index to Military Periodicals

C. Canadian Documents

i. Regulations, Orders and Directives

Defence Administrative Orders and Directives

Queen's Regulations and Orders for the Canadian Forces

Military Law Overview

Judge Advocate General Policies and Directives


Court Martial Appeals Court of Canada

iii. Bibliographies

From the Canadian Forces College:

iv. Other Policy Documents and Publications

Army Electronic Library

Canadian Bar Association -National Military Law Section

Canadian Institute for Strategic Studies

Current Operations

Defence Policy Documents

National Defence Key Documents

Office of the Judge Advocate General - publications

v. Libraries
Canadian Forces College Library catalogue

Military Libraries -Canada