Printing and Copying

Printing, Photocopying, and Scanning in the Law Library

Cloud Printing Services

Print cost:  Colour (.30/per page) or Law Library Black & White (.10/per page)

Learn how to add money to your UWinCARD for printing.

Download the GET mobile app to quickly add funds to your student card and track your balance.


From your computer:

1.  Visit this link:

2.  Please Select a Campus – choose Main Campus.

3.  Select Your Printer – choose Law Library Colour or Law Library Black & White.

Screenshot of Welcome Page


5.  Enter your PRINT ID:  give your print job a unique name.

Screenshot of Enter Your Print ID page


6. CLICK HERE TO BROWSE for a file:

-choose the file you wish to print, or

-enter a website url, or

-drag and drop a file

To print double sided, click on Additional Settings and select DUPLEX.

*Note that charges apply for each side of a double-sided document.


Next visit the copy machines. 

1.  Visit the Law Library in person. Your print job will be awaiting release. The print job is produced by one of our two multi-purpose copy machines.

2. At the white print release unit, swipe your UWin Card. Follow the instructions provided on the unit.

3. The print job will be printed on the nearest photocopier.


Photocopiers and Scan to Email Services

Copy cost:  Colour (.30/per page) or Law Library Black & White (.10/per page).
Scanning: free.


1. Visit the Law Library in person. 

2. At the black print release unit, swipe your UWin Card.

3. Use the photocopier to make your copies or scans.

4. Remember to check your spam folder if you don't see it in your Inbox.


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Last updated May 17, 2024 AD