Legal Reference Sources

  • Start with secondary sources when you are researching for an essay or just starting your legal research.
  • Secondary sources are written by legal experts and come in the form of legal encyclopedias, legal dictionaries, and journal articles.
  • Secondary sources not only in provide information about your legal topic, but also cite important legislation and case law.
  • Legal abbreviations are used to shorten legal periodical titles, such as case reporters and journals. If you find a citation to a promising case or article, but you are not sure of what the reporter or journal’s full title is – look it up in a legal abbreviation listing or dictionary.
  • Table of Periodicals Indexed - Law Journal Abbreviations, by the Index to Canadian Legal Literature
  • Law Report Abbreviations - UBC Library
  • Cardiff Index
  • Note: there are other Legal Abbreviations products available in the Law Library


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