Resources from AAU Heads Orientation 2017


PowerPoint file iconDay 1: Navigating the Collective Agreement (Originally presented June 2017)

  • Introduction to University Governance
  • Institutional Policies
  • Sexual Misconduct Response and Prevention

PowerPoint file iconOffice of Quality Assurance: "Navigating Approval Processes: Finding Your Sherpas" (Originally presented June 2017)

  • Quality Assurance Flow Chart
  • PDC Forms
  • Major and Minor Program Modifications
  • New Program Development

PowerPoint file iconDay 3: Managing for Growth and Change (Originally presented June 2017)

  • Thinking About Program Growth
  • Program Numbers and Program Dollars
  • Curricular Efficiency and Curricular Effectiveness
  • Curriculum Mapping for Fun and Profit
  • Navigating Approval Processes
  • Supporting Researchers

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