Resources from DEADHEADs Session, May 2019

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Resource pack (originally distributed Thursday, May 16) (.pdf)

Additional documents (originally distributed Thursday, May 16) (.pdf)

Day 1 (May 15) Complete PowerPoint Deck (.pptx)

Day 2 (May 16) Complete PowerPoint Deck (.pptx)

Opportunities for Conflict Resolution Training:

The Stitt Feld Handy Group is a Canadian professional development organization that provides courses that teach how to resolve conflicts, negotiate better deals, communicate more effectively, improve customer service, and improve workplace coaching skills. It is a division of ADR Chambers, the largest provider of dispute resolution services in the world.

At the end of each workshop, participants leave with a binder of reference materials, a Certificate from the University of Windsor Law School (for multi-day workshops and online courses), and a host of new skills.

For further information, please consult, phone 1-800-318-9741, or email

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