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Graduate Studies Policy on Plagiarism

The University expects that all researchers will adhere to the proper standards of intellectual honesty in the written or spoken presentation of their work, and will at all times acknowledge in a suitable manner the contribution made by other researchers to their work, as outlined in the Senate Policy on Authorship and the Policy Statement on Research Personnel. If you are unsure as to what constitutes plagiarism, it is defined in the Student Code of Conduct.

Grades for academic work in which plagiarism or other misconduct has been found to have occurred in accordance with the University’s disciplinary processes under Bylaw 31: Academic Integrity, and that have been acted upon by the Academic Standing Committee, cannot be appealed to the Faculty of Graduate Studies Executive Committee.​

In case of any doubt, you are strongly urged to consult with your instructor or thesis supervisor. In cases where you feel that your intellectual property or copyrighted material has been plagiarized, complaints should be made in writing to the Dean of Graduate Studies.​